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Our goal is to assist users on Mac hardware and software questions, report on the latest technology, and give advice on purchasing.

Available: Wifi adapter for trial use. If you are unhappy with your wireless range you can try this device to see if it works for you. Just contact if you want to borrow it.

For those that missed today’s (7/13/10) DMUG meeting the links below is of the demo presentation and also an order form for the tutorials. The presenter, Paul, from Mac Video Training has offered an extra 10% off the MUG price on the order form if you submit an order by 12 midnight tonight. He can be reached at

As a side note for users who are looking for Mac tutorial, the Mac store usually holds their workshop. The closest location to Davis is in the Arden Fair Mall. Also if you do a search on you might be able to find tutorials from there.

Here's a link to download the 20 minute MUG movie (273.8 MB):

Here's a link to download the MUG order form (PDF):
Order Form

There are two ways to communicate with this group
1)Subscribe to the e-mail mailing list where you will receive a daily dosage of back and forth chatter from the members of this group through e-mail
2) Message board - now post your questions immediatly on this website

Meetings Info  

We usually hold our meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Davis Senior Center (directions here) on the corner of A & 7th Street in the Activities Room from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.  Experts will be available at 6:30pm to assist before the meeting.
    The next meetings will be held on:

 The meeting will be in three parts. 1- Opening, 2- Presentation, and 3- Special interest subgroups. Each 30 to 45 minutes in length 

1- Opening Brief introduction session, welcome to new participants, new stuff, questions and concerns. A question box was suggested.

Try to identify people who have common interests for special support. Encourage new users and not scare them.

2- Presentation
Volunteers will be encouraged to give overviews of a subject, covering features, advantages, and benefits. Actual training was thought to be impractical for the monthly meeting. Training is possible as a side project depending on interest.

Volunteers who have special expertise can arrange training events as they please. We have participants who are professional trainers, they have been generous with their free answers and help at our meetings.

3- Special Interest Subjects
The last part of the meeting will be to split into various special interest groups to discuss subjects of common interest.

Consider that DMUG is a resource for networking and pointing people in the right direction for their needs.

Directions to the meeting
From Sac or Vacaville.  Exit Richards Blvd and turn right (towards Downtown) Go through the tunnel and turn to your left which is 1st St.  Head down until it dead ends to A St and turn right.  Pass 1 stop light, (Russell Blvd) and the Senior Center will be on your right at the next cross street, 7th St.

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Hanh Le

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Davis, CA 95617

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